The World Famous Only Gay Baseball™ League in Northwest America  ⚾︎  


There are many ways to support the team, the players, and the community in Gay Baseball™. If you are able to offer financial support, please mail cash, check, gift cards, and loose change to:  

PO Box 222
Palouse, WA

Every penny counts and every penny ensures that we are able to afford our rentals, gear, and feeding our players. Consider joining the crew as a Donor, Sponsor, Patron, or Saint to help support direct needs. For more info, email Coach at  

⚾︎ Donor

Every small donation helps. If you become a donor at the $10-$50 level you will be helping make these very gay baseball games possible! You’ll also get a personal thank you card from the team. 

⚾︎ Sponsor

We are always looking for organizations and businesses to join as official sponsors of Gay Baseball™. If you become a Sponsor at the $100-$300+ level, our game narrator will announce your support during our games and display any provided banners or logos at the dugout. 

⚾︎ Patron

Patrons can help out by sponsoring fiscal support to for specific expenses:  
  • Jerseys
  • Gas Money
  • Refreshments
  • Equipment
  • Field reservations
  • Trading cards
  • Calendar

Gay Baseball™ Patrons at the $200+ level will recieve a home-run season baseball signed by all the players.

⚾︎ Saint

Level up your support by getting involved in the infrastructure that keeps the fun possible. We are always looking for folks to help with:
  • Carpool coordination
  • Bring food or drinks
  • Grill Dad Extraordinaire
  • Admin Support During Games 
  • Host out-of-town players
  • Help with set-up/breakdown
  • Decorations! Photo booths! Banners! Trophies!

Donations can be sent to:

PO Box 222
Palouse, WA
$$ Cash Preferred $$

For Volunteer info, get in touch: