The World Famous Only Gay Baseball™ League in Northwest America  ⚾︎  


Palouse Gay Baseball™ is an organization founded in 2021 on a rural baseball field somewhere on the Great Palouse Prairie. What started as a couple of gay friends with a baseball itch has blossomed into a network of sundry & intergenerational ball players. 

We exist to celebrate & cultivate backyard baseball, rural queer community, and an ethos of support and togetherness on the Palouse. We offer a platform for queers to gather outside of bar culture and more institutionalized spaces and be with eachother through the magic of sport and the great outdoors. We are ephemeral, roving, radical, and kind. We are—as we so often claim—the best and only gay baseball league on this side of the Mississippi. 

We serve the communities of:
Palouse / Pullman / Moscow / Albion / Garfield / Colfax / LC Valley / Spokane / Genesse / and beyond 

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Rules of the League

1. Baseball is for the gays. 
2. No straights allowed. This is a space that prioritizes intersectional queer indentities - and even if you are a capital A ally, your presence still effects the space. Eggs welcome though. 
3. No Cops, No Politicians, No Landloads, No Bosses. 
4. Community first, competition second. Respect and honor the diversity of abilities on the league. Do not overstep any of the players or give unsoliticed advce. 
5. Special drinks must be concealed and discreet. 
6. All bodies will be welcomed and celebrated. 
7. Absolutley no transphobia, homophobia, racism, ableism, or otherwise discriminatory or disresepctful behavior towards players. 
8. Dress in your best and with your heart’s desires. 
9. We do play in public and rural spaces so there is always the possibility of a negative encounter. But our coaches will do everything in our power to protect and keep our players safe. 
10. Dancing is encouraged and celebrated. 
11. Come hot, come hungry. 

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